sarah rain cook

im 21, dating a gorgeous girl named hayden mitchell. im about as real as u can get with out being what everyone wants me to be, im the nicest person on the planet but i wont be run over or talked about. dont ask for nudes or signs cus they are overated and lame. my blog is probably the best way to get to know the real me. if u wanna talk more, be my friend on facebook and maybe we can text :D

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dental care update

well it seems like it healing alot faster then it did the last time i had this done. the heliplug they put in the top one is coming out but thats completly normal they say. cant wait to stop taking these pain meds, they make me feel funny when i sit up, laying in the bed 24/7 gets old real fast especially when ur not sleeping. tim has made me feel so much better while this is going on. mom brought me home pf chang in a bag for dinner tonight which put a big smile on my face!

dental care

no this is not an owl city song. i just spend the whole fucking day at the dentist getting my left wisdom teeth taken out. the stuff they gave me didnt even make me unconcious, yes i was numb but i could see and understand everything that happened. took forever for them to get the long ass roots out of my gums, then i come out really uncomfortable and antsy not to mention swollen up like an ork from lord of the rings. god i just wanna crawl under a rock and not come out for days! plus side is they ended up giving me loricet

timothy lessard


if anyones wondering why out of the blue im in a relationship with this boy right here ill clear that up right now. about two years ago we were in a pretty serious relationship and it ended out of no where and im not going to say why or anything thats personal but it ended on good terms. i havent heard from him since and always wondered what could of been. he contacted me thursday and i was leary about how it was going to go but surprisingly it was like no time had passed at all, chemistry was the same mind blowing experience as always and we both still have feeling for each other, so when he appologized and asked for another chance it didnt take long for me to say yes. i know hes genuine and its sweet of people to care and wonder if hes going to hurt me again but i know hes grown up and found his way and i seriously think hes worth another chance. im really happy and i hope people will give him and honest chance. i also hope his friends and family understand that i have never done anything to hurt him and i never will, he was a friend first and in the middle and end thats what hes always going to be first and foremost. he means the world to me and thats never changed even durring the break. thank u for coming back into my life tim :D

jonathan cox


this guy right here means alot to me and i dont plan on letting him go anytime soon! hes perfect for me in everyway and makes me feel like a princess :] thanks for everything you do jon <3

update 7.7.11

feeling really good today, not feeling sick or sad, all thanks to jonanthan cox! hes an amazing guy who im talking to….yes im putting it out there, idc!


seems like i found what i was looking for, just gotta keep my fingers crossed again and hope im really worth it in his eyes…..i think i am but i cant controll what others think of me. i can only be myself and hope they like me. ill never change for someone else. i am who i am and thats that.

i really want…

a guy to talk to, like seriously talk to. someone whos totally interested in me for once, who will probably not back out at the last minute and break all his promises. please make it happen :/


well i know i havent posted much on here in a long time, thought id update. like always men have been playing mind games with me and wasting my time, i know people dont wanna get serious in a relationship right away but to play with someone emotions and minds is evil. all im looking for is someone who commited to being with me, weither its perfect or not. i cant belive its that hard to find. my jobs going good right now but i am looking for another one anyways, im looking for more money, i hate working two jobs, id rather just have one that pays more. my cats are doing very well. thats all thats going on right about now